Happy Labor Day!

If you are interested in stock market seasonality, you may like to know how stocks have historically performed around the Labor Day holiday. Since we are technical swing traders who follow a disciplined, rule-based trading strategy, it frankly does not matter to us. Nevertheless, seasonal stock market trends make for interesting reading and trivia. CXO […]

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As I sit here writing this, belatedly celebrating the 15-year birthday of Morpheus Trading Group, I once again find myself waxing nostalgic. I’m thinking about that awesome day, back in July of 2002, when I created Morpheus (the stock trader dudes, not the Matrix dude). Specifically, I have four thoughts: I should have come up […]

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Following is a guest post by Jack Loftis, friend of Morpheus and ETF guru. Several years ago, we began working with Jack after discovering that his short-term “reversion to the mean” ETF system greatly complimented the Morpheus momentum trading strategy for individual stocks. Since many traders find Jack’s ETF swing trading system to be the perfect compliment to […]

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