--> $RUN Is Up 20% From Our Entry Point

$RUN Is Up 20% From Our Entry Point

$RUN Broke Out To New Highs! 

Back in June, we posted a blog on our website detailing the reasons why $RUN could become an explosive mover over the next 3 to 8 weeks. 

$RUN is now up 20% from our buy point in our nightly swing and position trading report, The Wagner Daily.


 $RUN daily


How To Find the Next Big Winner

Our trading system is focused on locating stocks that have the potential to run 20 to 40% or more higher in 3 to 8 weeks, which is usually a good time frame to operate in for those who work and can’t watch the market all day. All trades in the report are based on a few simple patterns such as a cup with handle or a flat base. 

Most stocks purchased in the report will either have strong quarterly earnings and/or sales growth. For those that do not have strong earnings, an exceptional relative strength rating in a strong industry group is a must. These stocks are more of the shorter term swing trading variety.


Study Past Winners To Find What Works

For those who missed out on the June blog, the chart and commentary below offer a quick review (both are taken from the blog). It is still a good read for those who want to improve as a trader.

If $RUN can clear $17 on volume, then it could have a decent shot of becoming an explosive mover over a short period of time. What makes us believe that $RUN could become a significant winner?

Many traders stick to daily charts with 6-12 months of price action for analysis, but long term monthly charts work best for locating setups with explosive potential. On the monthly chart below, $RUN has been trading in a tight range for 3-4 months just below the all-time high. However, the price first broke out to new all-time highs in July of last year before stalling, so $RUN has been in base mode for 11 months, building up a ton of energy to fuel the next breakout.

A breakout to new highs could lead to strong gains of +40% or more in 3 to 8 weeks if market conditions remain stable. Like anything else in trading, there is no guarantee that $RUN will run will explode higher, but by focusing on as many multi-frame setups as possible we increase the odds of catching a big winner.

 $RUN monthly

For those who would like to learn more about our style of trading, please visit our blog.

Our nightly report The Wagner Daily is $49 per month or only $299 for the year! Included with the nightly report is access to our trade mentorship room, which is a valuable resource for those who want to shorten the learning curve.


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