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After the major indices began pulling back from their highs in late September, then subsequently bounced in the beginning of October, our disciplined, rule-based market timing system shifted from “confirmed buy” mode to “neutral” mode on October 5. This change in our market bias perfectly coincided with the peak of the bounce off the lows of late September. In “neutral” mode, we can be positioned either long or short, but position size of all new trade entries will be lighter than usual, in order to reduce risk. Also, our portfolio will be primarily (or fully) in cash, with only a few positions in either direction. As we entered into neutral mode on October 5, we exited all long positions in individual stocks and began focusing primarily on swing trading ETFs with a low correlation to the direction of the overall stock market (ie. currency, commodity, fixed income, and international ETFs). One week later, on October 12, the necessary signals were generated for a new “sell” signal (click here to review each of the five different modes of our timing model). The recent changes in our sentiment, based on our market timing system, are shown on the daily chart of the PowerShares QQQ Trust ($QQQ) below.

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