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Due to yesterday’s distribution, we decided to tighten up stops on several positions and reduce share size in our weaker holdings ($EWT, $GXG, and $KOL). We plan to sell half of $GXG and $KOL on the open simply to reduce our size. We also have a very tight stop in place on half of $EWT. Stops in $RSX, $EPI, and $EWS are unchanged, as we do not mind holding these positions during a market pullback.When swing trading with the trend, we feel that it is an absolute must to focus on reacting to and not predicting market action. So, if we change our mind about a position or stop placement, it is because we are constantly trying to manage risk to keep in line with the market. The goal is to always go with the flow and process market information to avoid sticking to opinions. The only good stocks or ETFs are the ones that go up.The bullish pennant formation in $EWS is still intact and could potentially breakout any day now.

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