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Institutional funds have rotated into blue chip stocks over the past weeks, enabling the Dow Jones Industrials to outperform the other market indexes. Are traders and investors suddenly in love with old school, large cap companies like Coca Cola more than the tech darlings? No, this is merely sector rotation — a healthy and normal […]

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San Francisco-based software analytics firm New Relic ($NEWR) is a relatively new IPO from late 2014 with explosive potential. Continue reading to see why this stock is so hot. With $NEWR forming a tight-base near the highs its two-year trading range, let’s walk through the charts of multiple timeframes to analyze the breakout setup. The Big […]

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In a raging bull market, you can do pretty well by simply buying nearly any stock that breaks out to new highs on strong volume. After all, as JFK famously said in 1963, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” But when the stock market is in correction mode, breakouts and other reliable bullish patterns have a greater […]

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