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Perfect for Beginner to Advanced swing traders:


Stock swing trade alerts with preset ENTRY and EXIT prices:
Receive swing trade alert notifications to your email and phone


Exclusive Swing Trader Chatroom (now includes live trading mini-lessons)
LEARN while you EARN with swing trade picks, chart reviews, and live Q&A


Nightly stock swing trade report with pre-market watchlist:
Set your buy and sell orders outside of market hours; your perfect side hustle


Stock portfolio with risk management model:
Follow the MTG portfolio to properly manage risk in both bull and bear markets


SPECIAL BONUS - Relative Strength Stocks Watchlist:
Proprietary, pre-screened list of the best stocks for swing trading (weekly)

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Join more than 70,000 traders following the strategy of best-selling author and swing trader Deron Wagner—since 2002!


"I am very much enjoying using the Swing Trader Chatroom. The input and feedback from the Morpheus team is invaluable.
Having others to interact with who are all wanting to improve their trading skills is very motivating."
  - Catherine O.

"MTG is the only active trading group I pay for. It's been a very good system for me. Thank you for the great content and education."  - Kyle V.

The Wagner Daily PRO includes:

Live Swing Trader Chatroom

Swing Trader Chatroom
Receive daily trade ideas based on technical analysis. Engage as much or as little as you feel comfortable, monitor the day, or even check in after-hours to stay up to date.

With custom Trade Alerts and mobile notifications, you won't miss the important stuff!

Exact entry, stop, and target prices

Swing Trade Alerts

Receive top swing trade alerts, place your buy orders, and set auto exit strategies.

The Morpheus swing trading service is a completely end-of-day trading system, which makes swing trading stocks the perfect side hustle for your busy life. Start profiting now with the best stock picking service.

Morpheus Stock

Morpheus Stock Portfolio

Professional risk management for swing trading stocks. Includes risk-reward guidelines presented for you to easily follow with daily trade alerts.

Relative Strength Watchlist

Relative Strength Watchlist

As a special BONUS, your Wagner Daily PRO service is highlighted by pre-screened weekly watchlists with top trade ideas based on the Morpheus swing trading strategy.