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In our previous post, we showed why the broad market remains in a healthy uptrend–despite the short-term pullback that began on January 24. Led by software stocks, the Nasdaq’s sudden relative strength is once again creating fantastic breakout trading opportunities for swing traders. Here’s why… Both the S&P 500 ($SPY) and Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

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With strong market conditions the past few months, traders remain focused on the long side as we enter the upcoming earnings season.  In this post, we show you two top software stocks with explosive potential that have not yet broken out from their bases. Datadog ($DDOG) – Cloud Monitoring  Datadog ($DDOG) is a recent software […]

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Stock traders who focus on trading only the most obvious chart patterns are missing out on huge gains that more subtle patterns can provide. Here’s an excellent winning trade example of how you can profit by being open-minded in your analysis. Most traditional investors who get inflicted by the exciting “swing trading bug” get started […]

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