Explosive Breakaway Gaps: How to Unleash Profits in a Sideways Market

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SHOP breakaway gap

As the market stubbornly trades sideways, many traders are left scratching their heads, wondering where the next big opportunity lies. Fear not! Breakaway gaps can offer remarkable profit potential, even in this challenging environment. Here’s how…

Do you find yourself staring at the stock market’s sideways dance with a sense of frustration?

Are you longing for lucrative opportunities amidst the market’s apparent stagnation?

It’s time to shift your focus to breakaway gaps! These powerful price patterns have the potential to catapult your trading success to new heights.

In this blog post, we not only introduce you to the world of breakaway gaps, but also showcase the impressive gains achieved by members of our winning swing trade alerts service.

So, let go of your market woes and continue reading to discover the hidden profit potential of breakaway gaps.

Sideways market? No problem for breakaway gaps

The market’s sideways trading pattern over the past month has created a difficult landscape for breakout attempts. However, breakaway gaps have managed to defy these conditions, leading to impressive gains for savvy traders who know how to spot them.

If you are unfamiliar, breakaway gaps occur when a stock opens sharply higher than its previous close, backed by massive volume, marking the start of a robust trend. This pattern most frequently occurs during earnings season, when stocks with strong results form explosive opening gaps. You can learn more about this in our previous posts: Gap Trading Strategy and Breakaway Gaps.

In the recent earnings season, stocks like $SHOP, $CELH, $ONON, $UBER, and $LULU have exhibited stellar performance, with buyable earnings gap-ups leading to explosive results. These stocks have outpaced the broader market, demonstrating the power of breakaway gaps in action.

Profiting with Real-Time Alerts: A Closer Look at the Charts

Our live Swing Trader Chatroom has been instrumental in identifying breakaway gap opportunities, enabling members of the MTG tribe to reap substantial profits. For example, Shopify ($SHOP) has exploded higher since we alerted Wagner Daily subscribers to its gap-up less than one week ago. Let’s take a closer look.

Shopify ($SHOP)

We first highlighted $SHOP as a buyable stock, just a few minutes after the market opened, near the $56 level. Members who acted on this call saw the stock rally an impressive +18% in just a few days, before the price pulled back back yesterday:


Celsius ($CELH)

Yesterday (May 10), we alerted chatroom members to another profitable opportunity in Celsius ($CELH), which responded to a strong earnings report with a +10% breakaway gap on massive volume.

As shown below, we mentioned $CELH as a potential buy entry around $124 (just a few minutes after the open):


If you missed yesterday’s opening breakaway gap in $CELH, don’t be discouraged. You’ve still got plenty of opportunity for a potential buy entry. Just read about the 5 different ways to enter a breakaway gap (even after the initial gap up day).

Uber ($UBER) and Lululemon ($LULU) are two more recent breakaway gap success stories we recently alerted members to. On Holding ($ONON) has rocketed +28% higher since its breakaway gap just 7 weeks ago. Imagine the excitement of watching your portfolio grow as you capitalize on these explosive moves.

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