Deron Wagner: Stop Losing in the Markets

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Re-posted here on our trading blog is an excerpt and link to an interesting and educational trading article about me that was posted by Mr. Azeez Mustapha at today…

Deron Wagner didn’t know anything about stock markets before 1997. He read about an article that mentioned the performance of stock – something that kindled his interest in trading. He wasn’t aware of how long it’d take him to become a successful trader. When he went into trading, he began to lose (because of some traits that are common in novices). He lost continually for some years; until he came across trading principles that work for him. He’s stopped losing since then. This means that he makes more money than he loses.

Deron established Morpheus Trading Group (MTG) in 2002. He’s a trading expert and author (having written some best-selling trading books). He, with his colleagues, has been managing money for others with their time-tested trading methods. He’s a proven track record. He’s been a constant participant at many trading/investing events across the globe. He’s been featured on many famous financial media. He was also interviewed in TRADERS (August 2012). He’s down-to-earth in his market analyses and trading discourses. More than 4,000 interested people have been benefiting from his newsletters…There are numerous valuable lessons one can learn from Deron Wagner…

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