How To Find The Best Daily Stock Picks With MTG Stock Screener

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Using the MTG Stock Screener, our simple stock scanner software for technical swing traders, the 3-minute trader education video below shows you how to quickly and easily find strong stocks that have been forming a base of price support over the past 4 to 8 weeks and are now poised to breakout to new highs in the coming days. Potential stock picks and bullish chart patterns discussed in today’s video include: $IMH, $DK, $PHM.

Press play on the window below. For best quality, view the video in full-screen mode by clicking the icon on bottom right of video player window.

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Although all the stocks discussed in this video have bullish chart patterns that could push higher in the near-term if the broad market remains healthy, these are NOT specific swing trade buy recommendations. Only regular subscribers of our ETF and stock picking newsletter are able to receive our predefined, exact entry, stop, and target prices for our top stock picks.

Did you try our new stock screener yet? If so, feel free to drop us any comments, questions, or feedback on our software below…


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