How To Identify Top Breakout Patterns For Swing Trading Stocks & ETFs

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In this stock market video, we share a brief mini-lesson on how we identify the top chart patterns that lead to the best breakouts for stocks and ETFs. Specifically, we use two actual examples of stocks we are currently long ($ACAT and $AFFY) to demonstrate the types of basing patterns that precede the strongest breakouts to new highs. Press the play button below to view the video (view in full screen and HD mode for best quality):

Although the video above is a good primer on how we identify top breakout patterns, it only scratches the surface because there are a lot more details involved to finding the strongest stocks and ETFs for swing trading. If you would like to learn more about the types of buy setups we look for, and our specific rules for finding these trade candidates, visit our Swing Trading Success Video Course page and click the link on that page that says “Class 104 – Trade Setups (when to buy).” The 40-minute “Trade Setups” video on that page is completely free to view, and the amount of detailed, educational material you will receive is extremely valuable.

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