How I Scored An 87.5% Win Rate By Swing Trading ETFs In 2015

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Following is a guest post by Jack Loftis, friend of Morpheus and ETF guru.

Several years ago, we began working with Jack after discovering that his short-term “reversion to the mean” ETF system greatly complimented the Morpheus momentum trading strategy for individual stocks.

Since many traders find Jack’s ETF swing trading system to be the perfect compliment to the Morpheus stock trading strategy, I highly recommend you continue reading to consistently increase your trading profits.


I failed to attain my ETF swing trading objectives in 2015.

Yet, I am suggesting that my ETF Swing Trading service can be a valuable addition to your arsenal for increasing your net worth.

Why do I have the gall to make such a claim?

Since I began publicly posting my trades in August of 2011, my goal has always been to demonstrate that I can win 9 out of 10 ETF trades; overall, I have met that objective year after year.

But in 2015, I only won 87.5% of my ETF trades.

Last year, I similarly failed my objective of increasing my net worth by 20% on an annual basis.

I only increased my main “retirement” account by +17.2% in 2015.

The reason I missed my annual objective is that, instead of increasing my account worth by 2% per month, I was netting closer to 1.5% per month (see all my 2015 trades here).

Yes, I missed my two main trading goals last year and was not a happy camper.

But if I set my ego aside, I frankly must admit that these ETF swing trades (around 10 per month) ultimately resulted in a 2015 performance that very few hedge funds can boast of.

Smallest Hedge Fund In The World

Of course, I am not really an actual hedge fund.

However, I frequently state that I run “the smallest hedge fund in the world” – since inverse ETFs allow me to capture profits in markets that are moving down or sideways.

Truthfully, I succeeded in achieving my original purpose in setting up ETFSwingTrader in Autumn of 2012, which was to consistently provide ETF trade setups for subscribers that won 9 out of 10 times.

Good traders have even found ways to leverage these setups even further, such as by trading more aggressively than I personally do with my large account.

For example, if you are a trader with a smaller accounts need, you may need more aggressive growth to satisfy your financial objectives.

If this is the case, you may meet your goals by using my ETF trade setups to trade Options instead.

Just send me a note and I’ll show you actual performance of a series of options trades you can make by following two very simple strategies that leverage the high probability win rate of my ETF trading system.

In fact, beginning last year, I started regularly posting the options trades I am making based on my ETF setups. Check my blog post titled Smallest Hedge Fund In The World to see what I did with this strategy over a 6-week period (backed with actual broker statements).

Obviously, I cannot make any claims as to what your personal performance can be with this systematic approach to swing trading ETFs, but I guarantee you will learn unforgettable lessons about how the market works on a day to day basis.

How It Works

This is not a service of recommendations. I don’t pontificate with rambling commentary on the market.

Rather, I simply post actual trades as I make them in my personal trading account every day.

I post the trade details so that you also have enough time to make the same trade.

I do this with a daily, mid-day post with details of any ETF setup I am considering for that day.

One hour before the market closes, I then send a Final Trade email with the ETF trades I have entered using Market On Close orders.

As such, you will usually get the same (or very similar) entry price that I received as well.

In every subsequent Final Trade email, I clearly indicate exactly what I am doing with my ongoing trades – stated as a percentage of my account that I am committing or selling.

For the two Option Trading strategies I previous mentioned, I state the exact dollar size of the trades I am making – to demonstrate the dollar amount of profits that are possible with these trading strategies.

I provide a chart and completely explain my rationale for every trade, each of which is based on the same well-tested (and publicly published) ETF swing trading strategies.

All of this means my trading results are genuinely replicable – again and again and again.

In fact, I truthfully hope you get tired of seeing the same setups again and again as I locate them – knowing that 9 out of 10 times they lead to the same profitable result.

Expect This

What can you expect if you to give my ETF Swing Trader service a test drive?

You will see a focused trading approach with rarely more than 2-3 trades active at any given time (usually not more than 1-2 trades to be made at the end of day).

A succinct explanation of the reason for each trade and a daily comment on the trade progress is also provided.

My ETF swing trades are typically held for 4-5 days, which means my money is in cash most of the time.

Although you may see this as “active” trading, I see it as a very conservative approach to money management.

The Next Step

Although I could easily explain how these trades work all day long, the only way to get a true sense of whether or not my service is a match for your trading objectives is to get started now with your new trial subscription.

If you still need to learn more about my trading strategy before becoming a trial subscriber, just click here to understand exactly what type of setups I look for every day. Also, you may want to read an article that explains how I methodically handle trade setups that do not immediately move in the right direction.

Finally, I have included a few client testimonials for your review below. Obviously, I expect your experience with my service will be positive as well!

If you have any questions or comments, simply reply to this email and I will personally help you out (I’m a real person).

Jack Loftis, PhD

PS – The day “Brexit” tanked the market, my subscribers closed 2 trades for +7% and +22% profits, leaving us fully in cash. How did YOU do?

Comments from actual subscribers…

  • “In the past two months I have made more money from your service than any of the two dozen that I have tried.” (12/2015)
  • “Thank you for providing a great service.  In less than a month my accounts are doing very well using your trading alerts – up about $3,100 since subscribing on November 29, 2015.  Keep up the great work.” (12/2015)
  • “Jack – just want to let you know…..Signed up ~ a month ago. Last week profit ~ $1800 This week ~ $1900. (11/2015)
  • The only times I lost so far is when I did my own thing (instead of buying MOC w/ your recommendations).  Now I set my trades the same % and follow your instructions.  If I keep this up I could retire early :)…..hoping you  can do this ~ 10 more years.” (11/2015)
  • “Thank you! I sincerely appreciate all the education and insight you provide along with your trades.”  (8/2015)
  • “#BestChartists @ETFSwingTrader Jack’s short-term trade recommendations are “off the charts” ” (StockTwits 7/2015)
  • “Thanks Jack. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you hard work in my behalf. You make me feel I’m in control for once. I dread the day you discontinue the service.” (7/2015)
  • “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your service. I feel very comfortable with your strategy. It’s good common sense and feels solid. [I had traded commodities for many years on the floor, at the CBOT and the CME when open outcry was the thing before electronic took over. And I have to tell you I saw guys make millions with one strategy they used and perfected. So stick with it!!]” (5/2015)
  • “My first three trades with your system. 25% on options,  XIV and EET  3% and 2%….only because I stuck entirely to your instructions!!!  Thank you.” (4/2015)
  • re ETF-RS Options Trades: “Just an FYI. I have taken 7 trades – 6 winners, 1 loser/ basically a scratch. Avg gain is 9%. I do prefer this [options] approach over the actual ETF shares.” (4/2015)
  • “Thanks for sending the updates during the day. I was able to exit BIB with 2.7% gain and the IBB calls with 19.3% gain. My gain since I started with you is 2.5% – better than any other service I have used.” (4/2015)
  • “Just wanted to say I am really enjoying the service. Your macro and correlation comments are always informative and help give a better understanding of the trade. Always look forward to those.” (3/2015)
  • “Thanks Jacks for the profits!!” (3/2015)
  • I’ve spent the last (6) months deciding on how I want to structure my trading strategy – and you have been more influential than you know.” (3/2015)
  • Your trades are the best part of my portfolio. (2/2015)
  • By the way, your system is great and communication is awesome.  Any chance I have to tell people about you, I will.  (1/2015)
  • Just wanted to let you know trades are going well.  Learned a lot from you in the last few weeks. (12/14)
  • Since I started trading with you in October [2 months] I’ve done over 10% average return on my trades with better than 90% winners.  Thanks.
  • Thanks for all the great trades the past week.   I was anxious going into Friday…  But your system rules proved right.
  • Also, thanks for following good risk management.
  • You make me feel like I found a trading mentor and friend for life.  Your service is the real deal – glad I found it.  Thanks again!
  • As the year closes, I feel fortunate to be a subscriber to your business.  You’re one of the people that’s a difference maker for the little guys of this world.

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