Hot Crypto Trade Signal: $MATIC Breakout from Bull Pennant Pattern

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Polygon ($MATIC) recently broke out from a massive bull pennant pattern. Is now the time to buy?

Polygon ($MATIC) is currently the twentieth largest crypto asset, with a market cap of more than 12 billion dollars.

Through its QuickSwap decentralized exchange, $MATIC enables crypto investors and traders to execute transactions on the Ethereum blockchain at a much lower cost.

Because of these lower fees, Polygon is now growing twice as fast as Ethereum at the same point in its lifecycle.

Check out this recent report about the amazing growth of Polygon.

$MATIC poised to explode as it breaks out from a weekly bull pennant

The Morpheus Crypto portfolio recently scored a +23% gain when we bought a breakout in $MATIC and sold it ten days later.

We’ve kept $MATIC on our radar and have been waiting for the ideal re-entry point–and that time has come!

Here’s why:

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$MATIC recently broke out above key resistance of its prior high from early September (yellow horizontal line).

More importantly, $MATIC broke out above the upper channel of a weekly bull pennant pattern.

The reduced supply technically sets up $MATIC for a +50% advance to test its all-time highs from May 2021 ($2.70 area).

Buy entry announced for Morpheus Crypto members

$MATIC is currently showing a gain of +15% in the Morpheus Crypto Portfolio since our entries shown below.

On October 15, we alerted Morpheus Crypto members that we were buying a partial position of $MATIC at $1.48.

When we received more bullish price confirmation, we then added to the position on October 23 at $1.64, giving us an average price of $1.59:

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Our initial protective stop at entry was set at $1.28.

After we enter a new crypto swing trade, we trail the stop price higher as the price moves further in our favor.

Trade alerts are sent to notify subscribers of our exact entries, stops, and exits.

Speaking of hot crypto signals, Quant ($QNT) is also breaking out from a bull pennant pattern and is poised for a massive rally as well. Check our previous analysis on the $QNT setup here.

Get started now with Morpheus Crypto to be instantly alerted to our exact buy and stop prices of the next big winning crypto swing trade.

By the way, if you’re brand new to crypto trading, Morpheus will help you get set up the right way now.

Get started now.

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