How We Gained 15% On A Momentum Swing Trade In $CLDX Stock

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On May 6, we shared with you our Top 3 Most Simple & Profitable Buy Setups For Swing Trading Stocks. In that trading strategy article, we showed you an example of a “Combo Setup,” as well as a “Blast Off” setup. For the third type of swing trade setup, the “Price Momentum” trade, we promised we would show you an example of that as well, and here it is.

Recently, subscribers who follow our Wagner Daily newsletter netted an average 15% gain on a momentum stock trade that was held just over 3 weeks.

In this 4-minute swing trading strategy video, we walk you through the technical criteria that prompted the initial buy entry, show you the placement of our protective stop, and explain our rationale for exiting the momentum trade for a solid profit.

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