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With leading stocks cruising steadily higher for months, it can be challenging to find strong stocks at ideal, low-risk entry points. However, we have been searching all the nooks and crannies for momentum swing trade setups that still look great. As usual, our nightly stock scans have turned up four nice-looking stock charts that could be in play within […]

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A history of massive earnings growth, a valid base of consolidation, and a price at/near the 52-week high are three key elements of our momentum trading strategy for finding the best stock breakouts. But once you have identified the top breakout candidates and created your watchlist, it is also helpful to know the timing of when […]

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While having a proven trading strategy and properly managing your money are key elements to being a successful swing trader, mastering the psychology of trading is an important success factor that is frequently overlooked. I’ve already shared my insight on the 4 most dangerous emotions in trading, but the following guest post by Brian McAboy delves even deeper into […]

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