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As I sit here writing this, belatedly celebrating the 15-year birthday of Morpheus Trading Group, I once again find myself waxing nostalgic. I’m thinking about that awesome day, back in July of 2002, when I created Morpheus (the stock trader dudes, not the Matrix dude). Specifically, I have four thoughts: I should have come up […]

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One of the first things you probably learned while studying technical analysis is how to draw a simple trendline. Most books focus on drawing trendlines by connecting a series of “higher lows” to show support (in an uptrend), or connecting a series of “lower highs” to show resistance (in a downtrend). This is basic technical analysis […]

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Momentum stock traders face the same dilemma four times a year: Hold winning stocks through earnings season OR close positions ahead of quarterly earnings reports. Selling a winning stock to lock in gains ahead of a company’s earnings report is obviously the safest bet. However, holding through earnings reports is often necessary to “catch the gaps” and yield […]

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