Unveiling the Morpheus Trading Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Identifying Top Cryptocurrency Swing Trades

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Discover the secret sauce behind Morpheus Trading Group’s (MTG) consistent success in identifying top-performing altcoins with their swing trading strategy. This exclusive blog unveils a step-by-step guide, from setting up on TradingView to scanning for high relative strength cryptos and finding ideal swing trade setups. Explore the five spotlighted cryptos on MTG’s radar, gaining insights into potential pullback or breakout scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a crypto enthusiast, this blog provides a golden ticket to navigating the bullish market and maximizing trading success.

Are you ready to dive into the world of crypto swing trading and unlock the secrets behind precise entries and strategic moves? Join Deron Wagner, the seasoned founder of Morpheus Trading Group, in this exclusive video where the MTG tribe reveals how they nailed new swing trade entries into BTC and ETH moments before the explosive surge.

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, it’s crucial to have a systematic and rule-based approach to identify potential swing trades. Morpheus Trading Group (MTG) has recently celebrated significant successes with swing trades in altcoins like SOL and LINK, boasting an impressive total gain of 94% in just four weeks. In this exclusive blog post, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the secret sauce behind MTG’s strategy for consistently finding top relative strength altcoins that outperform the market.

I. The Foundation: TradingView Setup

To kick off the trading journey, the first step is to get started with the TradingView charting platform. While various platforms are available, MTG recommends TradingView for its feature-rich environment and cost-effectiveness. The blog provides a link to get set up with TradingView, emphasizing the importance of having a paid version for efficient scanning.

II. Creating a Tradable Altcoin Universe

With nearly 11,000 crypto altcoins in the market, it’s essential to filter down to a manageable list. MTG narrows down to less than 300 altcoins with a minimum market cap of $100 million, avoiding potential price manipulation in smaller, less liquid altcoins. The blog generously shares a pre-filtered list of tradable altcoins, saving traders the effort of gathering this information.

III. Scanning for High Relative Strength

The heart of MTG’s strategy lies in identifying altcoins with high relative strength to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Relative strength indicates that a crypto outperforms these benchmarks. To filter the list further, the blog recommends looking for altcoins trading above their 50-week moving averages. This step ensures that the chosen cryptocurrencies demonstrate strength not only in the short term but also on an intermediate and longer-term basis.

IV. Finding Ideal Swing Trade Setups

MTG doesn’t chase trades; instead, they wait for ideal buy points with relatively low-risk entry and high-risk reward. The blog walks readers through the process of scanning charts on TradingView, emphasizing the importance of weekly, daily, and 4-hour charts. The goal is to find cryptos with bullish chart patterns, such as breakouts, bull pennants, and flags, while ensuring a steady uptrend.

V. Spotlight on Top Relative Strength Cryptos

The blog spotlights five top relative strength cryptos on MTG’s radar: GRT, INJ, LINK, SOL, and TRB. Each crypto undergoes a detailed analysis of its weekly, daily, and 4-hour charts. Special attention is given to potential pullback or breakout scenarios, emphasizing the importance of setting trade alerts to stay informed.


As the crypto market continues its bullish trend, having a systematic approach to identify top-performing altcoins becomes crucial. MTG’s four-step strategy, outlined in this blog, provides traders with a comprehensive guide to scanning, filtering, and analyzing potential swing trades. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a newcomer to the crypto space, this blog serves as a golden ticket to trading success in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Don’t miss out on the exciting opportunities emerging in this bull market—follow MTG’s strategy and stay ahead of the game.

Remember, knowledge is power in the trading world, and we’re here to arm you with it. Don’t be left in the dark; check out the video now.

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