Mastering Swing Trading: A Deep Dive into the AFRM Trade Success

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Join Deron Wagner and Rick Pedicelli from Morpheus Trading Group as they unravel the secrets behind the recent AFRM trade—a remarkable example of the MTG swing trading strategy’s effectiveness. In this comprehensive video, learn why AFRM was selected, the strategy for managing the trade, and the real-time decision-making process that led to a massive 50% gain in just one week. Rick Pedicelli, the head stock analyst at MTG, takes you through the trade setup, entry points, and exit strategies, providing valuable insights for traders of all levels. This is not just hindsight trading; it’s a live, verifiable success that the MTG tribe experienced. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your swing trading skills and unlock the full potential of the market.

Hello, fellow traders! Deron Wagner here from Morpheus Trading Group, bringing over two decades of swing trading experience. Today, I’m thrilled to share the exciting story of our recent AFRM trade—a trade that exemplifies the power of our proven strategy. Join us in this special video as we break down the AFRM trade from start to finish, offering insights into why it was chosen, how we managed the trade effectively, and the key elements that contributed to a staggering 50% gain in just one week.

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Introducing Rick Pedicelli: A Key Player in Our Success

I’m also excited to introduce Rick Pedicelli, the head stock analyst at MTG, who has been a vital part of our team for nearly two decades. Despite his camera shyness, Rick’s insights are golden, and he’s here to walk you through the AFRM trade, providing a deep understanding of how members of the MTG tribe scored a huge 50% gain in just one week.

AFRM Trade Analysis: Why AFRM Was on Our Watch List

Rick begins by explaining why AFRM was on our watch list. Filtering through thousands of stocks, we always look for something active and in play. AFRM caught our attention with a gap up on big volume on November 2nd, reclaiming the 50-day MA. Rick delves into the price action, highlighting the significance of explosive moves and sideways actions before a potential entry.

Key Entry Points: Understanding Explosive Potential and Contraction

Learn about the crucial entry points in the AFRM trade. Rick walks you through the price action, emphasizing the importance of explosive potential followed by contraction and a tight range. Witness how AFRM developed a tight range off the 8-day EMA on November 21st, providing a low-risk entry point. Rick details the buy entry around $25.50, with a stop set around $23 or $24.

Trade Management: Riding the Trend and Partial Profits

Understand the strategy behind managing the AFRM trade effectively. Rick highlights the importance of trends and volume, emphasizing that when the price moves out with significant volume, there’s often no reason to exit. Witness the discussion on selling partial size on December 1st, locking in gains on the 40% move. Rick discusses holding onto the position as AFRM continues to push higher.

Exit Strategies: Maximizing Profits and Controlling Risk

Explore the exit strategies employed in the AFRM trade. Rick shares insights into taking profits into strength, especially when the price is extended from the 50-day MA or faces a break of the 8-day EMA. Witness how members of the MTG tribe were advised to exit remaining shares around $41 or trim positions, maximizing profits while controlling risk.

Key Takeaways: A Review of AFRM Trade Concepts

Rick concludes the analysis by summarizing key concepts of the AFRM trade. From catalysts and watch lists to entry points, managing the trade, and exit strategies—this deep dive into the AFRM trade provides valuable lessons for swing traders. Rick encourages viewers to embrace the Morpheus swing trading strategy and invites those seeking further guidance to explore and click on stock picks.

Remember, knowledge is power in the trading world, and we’re here to arm you with it. Don’t be left in the dark; check out the video now.

By the way, if you missed our previous video about how we locked in a +58% gain from 2 recent swing trades, you can catch it here. It’s a must-watch for anyone serious about learning a simple, proven swing trading strategy (since 2002).

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Remember to trade what you see, not what you think. Stay tuned for our next market video, and may your trading endeavors be filled with success.

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