Swing trading strategy – Trend reversal buy setup (video 3 of 3)

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On February 20, 2012, Deron Wagner presented a workshop at the New York Traders Expo, in which he discussed the principles behind his winning swing trading system. While at the expo, he was interviewed by MoneyShow.com regarding these three main types of swing trade setups he takes (relative strength breakout, pullbacks, and trend reversals). In this video, Wagner discusses the “trend reversal” entry, which is used to buy a stock or ETF that is reversing out of an intermediate to long-term downtrend after the broad market has done the same. The strategy is explained in the following short (less than 3 minutes) video interview on the MoneyShow.com website:

Trading strategy – Trend reversal trade setup

To view the previously released video interviews for the other two main types of swing trading setups, click the links below:

Relative Strength Breakout setup – (video 1 of 3)
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