Where is the market headed next? (video of live January 25 trading webinar)

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On January 25, 2012, we presented a live trading webinar that we recorded, and the video recording of that event is now available below. The following comment from one of our attendees, originally posted as a comment in the post for the webinar invitation, summarizes the event:

Every webinar I’ve watched from Morpheus is worth it’s weight in gold. This one started off with analysis of the broad market, showing it’s strengths in the here and now, and moved on to probable resistance points in the near future … information absolutely critical for making high probability trading choices every day.

Then it goes on to showing trades in ETFs and stocks MTG is presently in and why they were chosen. Everything is explained in clear language and is extremely educational. They have a steady and quantifiable set of strategies that align you with the market and give the best chance at success with manageable stops when the losses occur.

What more could I ask for in mentors and for a trading overview?

Well … then the webinar highlights the actual MTG Watchlist so you can see what they are stalking as possible picks for the near future and then they open the floor for questions!

Sorry for my long winded note but these guys keep on giving and I’m excited about finally finding information and a group of traders I can bank on.

Dave Klinger

Thanks for the kind words, Dave…  Now, for the best viewing experience, view the YouTube video below in full-screen mode and press the “gear” icon to select high definition (720p) mode:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgM3K0KzzkE]

FYI,  specific stock tickers discussed in this webinar are: $SPX, $DJI, $COMPX, $IYR, $IYT, $SCSS, $EGLX, $NSR, $STAA, $ASGN, $AKBX, $IACI, $GNC, $HSTM, $SIMO, $RGR, $NUAN, $HMSY, and $HALO.

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