How To Quickly Find The Best Stock & ETF Breakouts (Trading Strategy Video)

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Last week, we showed swing traders how to quickly and easily find the best stock and ETF pullback setups for potential buy entry. In this trading strategy video (below), we similarly show you a speedy and efficient way of how to scan for the best stock and ETF breakout setups (stocks and ETFs with relative strength that are poised to “break out” above a base of price consolidation).

As explained in our strategy and rules for swing trading, stocks and ETFs trading at or near their 52-week highs have the least amount of overhead resistance, and therefore have the greatest ability to move sharply higher with the least amount of effort. That is why breakout setups, along with pullback setups, represent the primary element of our short-term momentum trading system.

To see how we easily and quickly find our top daily stock and ETF breakout setups for swing trading, just press “play” on the video below.  For best viewing quality, play the video in full-screen and HD mode (click the icon on bottom right window of video player):

Test drive the MTG Stock Screener here.

Although the video above explains the automated “no brainer” way of finding the hottest stock and ETF breakout candidates, is important to understand the methodology behind why buying stock breakouts is ineffective trading strategy.

To take your trader education a step further, we highly recommend viewing our extremely valuable and educational “Buy Setups” trading strategy video. This complete 40-minute video may be viewed for FREE, for a limited time only, on our Stock Trading Course page.

What do you you think? Is “breakout” buying an existing part of your trading methodology? Is it something you are planning to incorporate?

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