How to Quickly Find Potential Small-Cap Breakouts On The Nasdaq

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In this 3-minute stock trading strategy video, we show you an easy way to very quickly find Potential Breakouts in small-cap stocks traded on the Nasdaq. Specifically, we use the free MTG Stock Screener to instantly narrow down thousands of stocks on the Nasdaq to just nine stocks trading below $16 per share, each poised for a momentum-driven breakout above a solid base of price consolidation. Press the “play” button to watch the video below (click the icon on bottom right of video player to view in full-screen mode for best quality):

Click here to try out our free stock screener shown in the video 

As you can see, our end-of-day technical stock screener is your “turn key” solution for quickly scanning thousands of stocks and ETFs in the market every night, and immediately finding the strongest buy (or short selling) candidates. Our stock scanner is free and presently requires no registration, so give it a try by going to You will love that it requires no programming skills and is extremely user-friendly, yet quite powerful.  Enjoy and good trading to you!

If you have already tried the stock screener, how did you like it?  Do you have any suggestions for tweaks or additional feature requests? Please leave us any comments below.




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