How To Quickly Find Stocks That Move 20% In 2 Weeks ($ELLI, $HW, $MGAM)

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In today’s stock trading strategy video, we apply the rules of our swing trading system and use the MTG Stock Screener to show you an easy way to look for stocks that have good potential to rally 10 to 20% over a 2 to 3 week period.  Specifically, we show the importance of moving average confluence, as well as a look at proper bases of price consolidation near the highs, which nearly always precede strong breakouts in leading stocks and ETFs.

Press the “play” button to watch the short (3-minute) video below (view full screen in HD mode for best quality):

Test drive the free MTG Stock Screener here

By the way, we have recently added additional exchanges to the screener for our international traders. Stock screens are now available for the American, Canadian, German, and Indian stock markets.

If you have any questions or feedback on using our technical stock screener to find the best trade setups for swing trading, just post your comments below. Enjoy!

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