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As Morpheus Trading Group celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year, founder Deron Wagner sat down for an exclusive interview on the Roman Anton podcast show.

Deron Wagner, founder of Morpheus Trading Group and best-selling author, recently conducted an interview on the Roman Anton podcast.

In this brand new podcast, Roman and Deron discuss Deron’s evolution–from his start in day trading, to the 2002 creation of his Wagner Daily report, to his current work in crypto trading.

Wagner also provides an overview of recent movement in the crypto markets, and demonstrates his considerable analytical abilities.

Check out the brand new podcast with Morpheus founder Deron Wagner on the video below.

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BONUS: Be sure to watch to the end, where Roman, Deron, and the team then hit the road to visit Sao Chingcha (the Giant Swing) in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok.

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