Selling $EEM Call Options For A Quick 30% Gain Today

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$EEM trade alertTwo days ago, we notified you in this post of Dr. Jack’s swing trade buy entry into $EEM and $EEM call options.

Since I promised the trade would be tracked in real-time, here is a quick follow-up on the trade (hint: It’s boring, but winning).

Dr. Jack Loftis
November 16, 2017

Doubled down on EDC per our strategy yesterday.

Today, we are celebrating a +4% profit on a two-day trade, to which I had committed fully 10% of my total account.

By today’s close, we will be locking in profits on $EDC (leveraged version of $EEM).

We also will lock in a handy-dandy gain of approx. +30% on the equivalent $EEM call options trade.

The daily chart of $EEM below shows the big jump today:

ETF swing trade exit $EEM

If you’re a current subscriber, check out how our other current trades in $FAS, $XIV, etc. are also doing today.

In my next guest blog post, I will do a more detailed walk-through of this winning ETF trade.

Keeping it “boring” but winning,

Jack Loftis, PhD | founder
ETF Swing Trader - Jack Loftis

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2 comments on “Selling $EEM Call Options For A Quick 30% Gain Today

  1. Thanks Deron and Dr. Jack. I tweaked this trade slightly from Dr. Jack’s entry/exit and bought the full amount of the 3x EDC on 11/15 @ $110.89. Since I thought it had more room to run, I only sold half on 11/17 @ 120.51 for about an 8.5% gain. I’m currently up over 14% on the remainder. Signed up for the trial.

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