Why Patience Is Crucial For Short Selling Stocks & ETFs

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Recently, we penned a trading strategy article on How To Find The Best Entry Points For Short Selling Stocks. Now, we follow-up with a short (3-minute) video that explains why it’s crucial for swing traders to have patience when short selling stocks and ETFs.

When the stock market is already in a confirmed downtrend and stocks start bouncing off their lows, it may be tempting to start initiating new short positions in stocks and ETFs with the most relative weakness. You don’t want to miss your short selling entry point, right?

Not so fast. Jumping the gun in trading, especially on the short side of the market, can be extremely hazardous to your trading account.

As such, invest a few minutes of your time right now to watch the video below and learn why the most astute and successful swing traders always utilize discipline and patience when actively trading on the short side of the market.

Press the play button to view the video below (click the icon on the bottom right of the video player window to view in full screen mode for best quality):

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