How To Find The Best Stocks For Short Selling With MTG Stock Screener

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On October 25, we summarized our basic strategy for finding the best entry points for short selling stocks and ETFs. It was the first time we had discussed our swing trading strategy for the short side of the market in quite a while because our market timing model only shifted to a new “sell” signal on October 12. Since the first and most important element of our rule-based trading system is to trade in the same direction of the dominant market trend, we simply were not interested in looking for short selling candidates when the broad market was previously in a steady uptrend.

In this blog post, we follow-up our previous October 25 post with a short (3-minute) trading strategy video that shows you how to easily and instantly find the best stocks that meet our strict technical criteria as short selling candidates (ie. weak stocks bouncing into resistance, after breaking down below obvious levels of support). Press the play button to watch the video below (click the icon on the bottom right of the video player window to view in full screen mode for best detail):

Click here to test drive the free MTG Stock Screener today (be sure to watch the video tutorials as well)

For those of you who have neither the will nor inclination to scan the stock market on your own, but would still like to receive preset, detailed entry and exit points for our best stock and ETF picks for short selling, sign up for your risk-free 30-day subscription to our Wagner Daily short-term trading newsletter.

Enjoying the stock screener? Have any questions on how it works? Feel free to drop us a comment below.

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4 comments on “How To Find The Best Stocks For Short Selling With MTG Stock Screener

  1. Sir , your EMA 20,50 DMA,200 DMA theory is fantastic.I wonder why i did’nt notice this fact since i am a trader for last 4 years.That sure gave me an idea of finding technically strong stocks.ThankYou very much.

    1. Hello there,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, we have found that using a technical analysis strategy of keeping it simple is often the best. Those three moving averages, combined with changes in volume, are important technical indicators.

      Good luck in your trading education and future success.


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