Video: How To Consistently Achieve Peak Performance In Trading

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trade at peak performanceMost of the 582 articles (and counting) we have published on this blog are focused on chart pattern recognition and basic technical analysis.

Since the primary topic of this blog is swing trading stocks and ETFs, this obviously makes sense.

However, becoming a consistently profitable trader requires more than just knowing how to read stock charts and pick the best trade setups.

For starters, having a clear understanding of stock trading math is crucial for properly managing risk in your trading account.

Another key success factor is understanding trading psychology.

After all, operating in the stock market day after day can truly be psychological warfare (but only if you let it).

In this blog post, we break away from the usual format of reviewing stock charts to bring you something different.

Below, Kunal Desai of Bulls On Wall Street shares his tips and secrets on how to consistently achieve your peak performance in trading.

As a bonus, the suggestions in the video can be applied to all areas of your personal life as well.

This 18-minute video requires a small investment of your time, but it’s worth it.


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