Our trade performance – Off to a great start in 2012!

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We have just updated the stats on our website to reflect all stock and ETF swing trades through the end of January 2012. The sum of all ETF trades gained 3.77% for the month, while our stock trades gained 4.2%. These returns are based on our model trading account size of $50,000. However, many of our subscribers earn significantly more than our reported results by simply increasing the amount of risk exposure in their trading accounts (please see the video on the main “performance” page of our website for more details).

The graphs below compare the cumulative historical performance of both our nightly ETF and stock newsletter (MTG Stalk Sheet and Wagner Daily) versus the S&P 500 Index. The low correlation of both services to each other is why most members subscribe to both newsletters. To view detailed trade results for any past quarter, click on either graph below and scroll down the page that loads:

Stalk Sheet chart
MTG Stalk Sheet vs. S&P 500
Wagner Daily chart
Wagner Daily vs. S&P 500

February is also off to a nice start. Athough the closed stock trades of the MTG Stalk Sheet newsletter are down approximately 1%, the closed ETF trades of The Wagner Daily newsletter are already showing a net gain of 2.5%. This gives a combined return of about 1.5% between the two services in the first few days of February.

If you’d like to become a subscriber to our exclusive nightly ETF and stock newsletter, click here to sign up today. Our “no nonsense” guarantee (details on subscription page) makes it a risk-free decision, and you will probably find the subscription investment (as low as $58 per month) to quickly pay for itself many times over.

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