Realtime Trading Room: Like Sitting Next To A Pro Trading Mentor

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Deron Wagner & Rick Pedicelli — Morpheus HQ in the early years (when we had more hair)

The Wagner Daily is a nightly swing trading report that is ideal for stock traders who work during the day and can not actively watch the market when it’s open.

However, traders who can follow the market actively also receive access to an incredible service we have never discussed before on this blog: the Morpheus Realtime Trading Room.

Keep reading to discover how the Realtime Trading Room can help YOU get “the edge” and speed up your journey to becoming a master trader.

No Ordinary Trading “Chat Room”

The Realtime Trading Room is a text and image-based “chat room” that enables you to receive the best swing trading picks and buy signal alerts — LIVE as we see them.

Since you receive these trade alerts in real-time (not while the market is closed), there is a bit more flexibility with the types of stock trade ideas you will receive.

In the Morpheus trading room, you also can ask questions about individual trade setups and receive a personal, direct reply from the Morpheus Trading team.

Don’t worry about disturbing others with your questions because the Realtime Trading Room is “broadcast only.”

The only publicly visible commentary comes from Rick Pedicelli, your professional trading mentor and nightly author of The Wagner Daily report.

Working closely with Deron Wagner (Morpheus founder) for the past 15 years, Rick truly loves to share his immense trading knowledge with people like you — people who are serious about trading success.

That’s why being a member of the Realtime Trading Room is like having a 15-year trading veteran sitting right next to you every trading day!

The best part is that there is no extra cost for trading room access, since it’s included with your Wagner Daily subscription.

And if you miss a day, you can log in and see a transcript of the previous day’s action too.

Below, check out three recent stock picks that have blasted off since Rick’s initial buy alerts in the trading room.

Applied Optoelectronics ($AAOI)

+33% gain in 8 days

This high-momentum trade is a fantastic example of how the trading room gives subscribers a bit more flexibility with buy signals than just the Wagner Daily newsletter alone.

On May 5, Rick detected that $AAOI gapped sharply higher on the open, back above its 50-day moving average and on massive volume.

After reversing off the 50-day MA, he believed $AAOI was a low risk entry point around $49.90, using the 50-day MA as support.

$AAOI followed through nicely by the end of the day, finishing with a 20% gain on volume that was 250% greater than average.

Currently, $AAOI is up about 33% from our trading room entry at $49.99:

$AAOI daily

Weibo ($WB)

+35% gain in 7 days

$WB cleared the downtrend line of the handle part of a cup and handle pattern on May 5, which could have served as the first buy entry point.

The following day, $WB plowed through the handle high with a +4% gain on double the average volume.

$WB was mentioned as a buy on the breakout around $58.70, AND we informed subscribers of our intention to hold $WB through earnings prior to the report.

$WB closed with a 25% gain on 400% higher than average volume on May 16 (post-earnings release).

We remain long $WB and see no reason to sell here, as the stock could continue to rip higher over the next two months:

$WB daily

Momo ($MOMO)

+80% gain in 3 months

$MOMO broke through the handle portion of a cup with handle pattern on February 8, and was mentioned in the Realtime Trading Room as a buy around $23.60.

For stock traders who like to hold swing trades for a few weeks, $MOMO could have been sold into strength for a 30-40% gain, around March 7 or 8.

With $MOMO moving to new all-time new highs on March 7, Rick mentioned that traders could have sold partial share size, while holding the rest of position for a bigger advance.

Marching steadily higher and closing above its 20-day moving average every day since the March 7 gap, $MOMO is certainly an appropriate ticker symbol for this beastly stock!

Presently, $MOMO is up a whopping 80% since Rick’s alert and remains in a rock solid uptrend (upcoming earnings report on May 23):

MOMO daily

As you can see, subscribers who spend their days trading alongside of Rick in the Morpheus Realtime Trading Room have “the edge” they need to succeed.

But the only way to know if the trading room is right for YOU is to GIVE IT A TRY!

TIP: Use promo code “mtgwins” on the sign-up page to receive your amazing, discounted rate of $49/month or just $299/year for your Wagner Daily subscription.

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