Swing Trade Alert – Don’t Miss This Breakout In Crude Oil ETF ($USO)

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Since I just made two new blog posts yesterday, I am a bit hesitant to post another today because I don’t want to overwhelm readers.

However, this swing trade alert is timely and actionable, so I wanted to make sure you knew about it ASAP.

As you may recall from my August 18 blog post (How To Profit From Oil And  Silver ETFs In This Stock Market  Downturn), I have been bullish on both Oil and Silver ETFs (and, to a lesser degree, Gold) for the past week.

Today, my patience is paying off because crude oil ($USO is the main ETF) has convincingly broken out above key resistance of an 8-week base of consolidation. Take a look:

$USO breakout

In The Wagner Daily newsletter, our current position in $USO is now showing an unrealized price gain of 7.7% since our swing trade buy entry. Also, the position in our leveraged Silver ETF ($AGQ) is now up more 10% since our August 21 buy entry.

When the main stock market indexes are down sharply (as they are so far today), the benefits of ETF trading really become clear.

Unlike stocks, most of which are correlated to the direction of the broad market, ETFs enables traders and investors to still profit in a down market because many types of ETFs have low to zero correlation to the overall stock market direction.

Commodity ETFs such as $USO and $AGQ are two great examples of the above.

If you’re not yet a subscriber to our nightly swing trading newsletter, you may not have added $USO to your portfolio yet.

If this is the case, a secondary buy entry point into $USO would be a slight pullback to new support of the breakout level (consider a buy limit order around the $38.50 to $38.75 area).

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