How To Find The Best Stock Breakouts (In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day)

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Finding the best stocks to buy can be a daunting task if manually scanning through thousands of stocks every night.

Fortunately, we have a much faster and easier way to find the top stock breakouts, and traders love it!

In the stock trading strategy video below, we use the MTG Stock Screener to show you how to identify the best stock breakout candidates of the US, Canadian, Indian, or UK stock markets in 30 minutes or less every day.

Strong StocksThe Power Of Simplicity

Specifically, this video shows you the power and simplicity of the preset “Potential Breakout” scan enables short to intermediate-term traders to screen for stocks that automatically meet the following technical analysis criteria:

  • Stock is showing a high relative strength (RS) ranking (our propriety indicator that compares individual stock performance versus the broad market over the past 6 to 12 months)
  • Stock is trading not more than 20% below its 52-week high
  • Stock is trading above its 50-day moving average
  • The 50-day moving average is above the 200-day moving average

Stocks that meet all the technical trading requirements above are the best stocks with a high likelihood of breaking out to new highs within the next week or two (assuming the overall broad market remains healthy).

In this trading video, we also show you how to quickly and easily export the list of the top-ranked stock breakout candidates to Excel or CSV format, so that data can be imported into your own online stock trading brokerage software.

To view the 4-minute video, press the “play” button on the window below. For best quality, watch in full-screen HD mode by clicking the icon on bottom right of video player window:

To see for yourself how quick and easy finding the best stock breakout candidates can be, click here to get started nowThe MTG Stock Screener is only $4.95 for the first month, then just $11.95 per month thereafter.

Since our stock scanning software is web-based, there is nothing to download. You can even run this technical stock screener on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device, making it easy to do your nightly stock scanning research on the go.

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