Important procedural changes to The Wagner Daily newsletter

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Effective immediately, a procedural change is taking place with our Wagner Daily ETF and stock newsletter service. 

For the past 10 years, The Wagner Daily has been providing the best swing trading stock and ETF picks, and that is not going to change. Since inception, our proven swing trading methodology has always been based on end-of-day closing prices for the subsequent day’s trading decisions. Additionally, Intraday Trade Alerts have occasionally been used to enter or exit trades outside of predetermined prices listed in the previous night’s newsletter. However, based on client feedback, we have determined these alerts have added unnecessary complication to our service. Moreover, these alerts are not (and have never been) required in order to fully utilize our swing trading system. Therefore, to make our swing trading service better for both professional traders and part-time traders who have daytime jobs, ALL trade entries and exits, including updated stop prices, will now be posted in each night’s newsletter. This change will enable our valued subscribers who are unable to follow the market during daytime hours to completely follow our system. Starting tomorrow (April 19), The Wagner Daily will become a fully 100% end-of-day swing trading service.

Intraday e-mails will continue to be sent to subscribers, but they will only be sent exclusively to confirm trade entries or exits that are already listed with the predetermined prices listed in each nightly newsletter. Therefore, “Intraday Trade Alerts” will now be called “Courtesy Trade Confirmations” instead.

If you are not already a subscriber and have been considering becoming a member, but were concerned about the perceived need to take intraday action to follow the system, we suggest you take the new improved service for a risk-free test drive.  If, however, you are already a subscriber, there is no action required. We will continue providing the same top-notch service we have done for the past 10 years.

As always, we welcome any questions, comments, or feedback.

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