Crypto Signals: 2 Hot NFT Gaming Altcoins to Buy on the Pullback Now

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The short-term pullback in Bitcoin has created lower-risk pullback entries into two hot NFT Gaming/Metaverse cryptos. Here’s how to play these top crypto swing trade setups…

In our recent February 8 video, we showed you potential buy entry points if you missed the current short-term rally in Bitcoin ($BTC).

Today, $BTC pulled back to new support of its 50-day MA around 42,700–exactly the same level we pointed out in our prior video.

This Bitcoin pulled back has given us ideal buy entry points into two altcoins related to the NFT Gaming/Metaverse sector that are setting up for potential buy entry now.

Check out the new video below to see the ideal buy entry points, as well as where to consider setting your stops.

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The NFT Gaming/Metaverse sector has been showing top relative strength since Bitcoin formed a bottom on January 24.

With a low, direct correlation to the price of $BTC and massive growth potential, the NFT Gaming/Metaverse sector may see massive institutional inflows in 2022.

Most traders are familiar with $MANA and $SAND, both of which are solid plays in the sector.

However, $GALAX has been stealthily showing massive accumulation in recent weeks, and has now pulled back to provide a low-risk buy entry on support of the 50-day MA.

$REQ is NOT a direct play in the NFT Gaming/Metaverse sector, but its recent partnership with $SAND has caused it to start moving in sync with the sector.

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