Bitcoin Rally: When to Buy $BTC on a Pullback

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If you missed the Bitcoin rally off the recent lows, our new video shows you lower-risk entry points to buy $BTC on a pullback now. Check it out!

After several months of trending lower, Bitcoin ($BTC) found a bottom near the 33,000 level on January 24.

Two days later, we published a big picture” Bitcoin analysis video sharing our insight of where $BTC may be headed next.

In that video, we suggested that Bitcoin may be finding a bottom and was poised for a bounce to resistance in the 39,500 to 44,000 area.

As anticipated, $BTC broke out with a high volume rally back above the 40,000 level on February 4.

Bitcoin continued trending steadily higher and hit resistance of our bounce target at the 44,000 level just three days later.

With such a steady rally that led to a +33% gain off the lows with $BTC, many traders who were planning to buy Bitcoin near the lows may have been left on the sidelines.

If that happened to you, don’t chase!

Instead, just check out our new video below to discover ideal, lower-risk levels to consider buying $BTC on a pullback (which may be happening right now).

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