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Introducing – Syndicate Our Trading Blog Articles For FREE

We are pleased to announce that all articles and posts on this ETF and stock trading blog are now available for instant syndication through Effective immediately, 100% of the content on this blog only is available for syndication at no charge, under Creative Commons licensing.

To syndicate any article on our blog, simply click on the “Reblog This Article” button on the top right of the content page. Once you agree to our licensing terms and conditions, you will receive an embed code for the article. Copy and paste the embed code into your site—just like embedding a video. Syndicated content will automatically be reformatted to match your site, including fonts and colors. Photos and other embedded media will also be re-sized to fit your space. All syndicated content carries automatic attribution, a link back to the original article on our site, and the option to further syndicate.

Syndicated content will load dynamically in your reader’s browser at the time he or she accesses it. Any changes or corrections to the original content will automatically update your syndicated version as well.

Syndicated content may not be edited or changed in any way by you, the syndicator. However, you may add your own editorial commentary, as specified in the licensing terms and conditions, either before or after the actual syndicated content.

We truly enjoy and pride ourselves on educating swing traders about our proven technical trading strategy, and now our valued readers can easily share and spread that knowledge on their own blogs and websites as well. We’re excited about this announcement, and hope you are too.

For additional information or questions regarding the syndication process, please visit the Repost.Us website or contact us directly at [email protected].

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