Morpheus Turns 15 Years Old — Here’s My Gift To You! [discount]

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Deron Wagner in Miami - 2002
Deron Wagner  in front of Miami office — September, 2002

This year marks the 15-years birthday of Morpheus Trading Group, which I founded and launched in June of 2002.

15 years? That’s like eternity in the age of the internet!

I am certainly proud of what the Morpheus team has built since its humble beginning near the turn of the millennium.

But the truth is we never could have done it without you!

And so it is with deep sincerity in my heart that I really need to say…

Thank YOU!

I truly appreciate the enthusiastic support of you and other loyal subscribers who have helped Morpheus remain the premier service for swing traders around the world!

To celebrate the 15-year birthday of my baby, Morpheus Trading Group, here’s a great big gift from me to you…

Rolling Back Our Prices (But Don’t Confuse Us With Walmart)

From now through the rest of the year, you can receive a MASSIVE discount by subscribing to The Wagner Daily newsletter at its original 2002 price.

Monthly Subscription – $49 $79

Simply subscribe today and enter promo code “ny49” (without quotes) to receive The Wagner Daily for just $49 per month through the end of 2017.

Annual Subscription – $299 $699

Sign up now for your annual subscription with that same promo code (“ny49“) to get 12 months for just $299 (SAVE 57%).

Oh, and about that photo above, that’s just me “rolling back” to a time when I had a lot more hair.

If you have any questions, just drop an email to [email protected] and we will help you out.

The best is yet to come!

Deron Wagner
founder @ MorpheusTrading

PS – If you’re wondering about the types of trades we enter, check out this recent blog post that walks through a few typical winning stock trades that were recently closed.

PPS – Due to the huge savings, standard 30-day refund offer does not apply.

Sign up here and enter Promo Code "ny49"
Press here & enter Promo Code “ny49” to save big!


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