I’m Not Fooling You With This…

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Many years ago, my wife and I bought a guesthouse in a sleepy beach town. It’s a fun little side business, and we enjoy mingling with guests whenever we can.

This morning, my wife (the manager) phoned me in a panic. “We have a big problem here! One of our guests went out last night and never returned to his room. What should we do?”

After calming her down, I suggested that she wait a little longer (just in case this gentlemen was partying too hard and simply didn’t feel like coming back to his room yet). I then told her she could contact the police station and/or local hospitals if he wasn’t back within 24 hours.

Anyway, I’ll cut the story short here, but this back and forth conversation went on another 10 minutes before she broke out laughing and reminded me it was April Fool’s Day.

What can I say? She really had me fooled!

The good news is I’m presenting you with a foolproof offer today, and this is no joke!

If you have ever wanted to learn the detailed methodology behind my proven ETF and stock trading system that generates consistent profits in up, down, and sideways markets, don’t miss this exciting opportunity to receive exclusive “Members Only” access to my top-ranked Swing Trading Success video course at a nicely discounted rate.

Here’s a quick rundown of the course curriculum:

  • Class 101 — Introduction to Online Stock Trading
  • Class 102 — Getting Started in Technical Analysis
  • Class 103 — Overview of the MTG Swing Trading System
  • Class 104 — Trade Setups (When To Buy Stocks And ETFs)
  • Class 105 — Trade Management (When To Sell Stocks And ETFs)
  • Class 106 — Money Management Essentials
  • Class 107 — Mastering the Psychology of Trading
  • *LIMITED TIME BONUS* — Includes comprehensive study workbook
  • *LIMITED TIME BONUS* — Includes 30 days of unlimited, personal e-mail support with our pros
  • All classes include unlimited reviewing to ensure full comprehension of materials

The entire course is personally taught by yours truly, and is the result of nearly 15 years experience in swing trading stocks and ETFs.

Upon completion of the classes, you will be in command of all aspects of how to consistently profit from trading stocks and ETFs in all market conditions, and in any stock market in the world. The level of education you receive will position you for the highest rate of success and profits from trading the markets. You won’t be disappointed!

You have my personal promise that the integrity and value of the information in this trading course is of the highest caliber. But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself by CLICKING HERE to view the full video for Class 104 – Trade Setups (approx. 40 minutes running time).

If you like what you see so far, here’s the deal. For the next 3 days only, you will save a whopping $100 on my popular Swing Trading Success trading video course. This brings the tuition rate down to a one-time cost of just $199 for all 7 video classes, including the bonuses.

To take your trading knowledge to the next level and receive immediate access to the video course, just CLICK HERE and complete the easy registration form. In the PROMO CODE field of the signup form, be sure to enter “video50” (without the quotes). This will ensure you automatically receive the $100 savings to bring the tuition down to just $199. Please note this “foolproof” offer will expire at midnight on Thursday, April 4.

If you have any questions concerning the trading course, or experience any difficulties with the signup process, just drop us a comment below.

By the way, when I logged into Google Analytics to check our website traffic this morning, it showed that 41 users were visiting our trading blog from the International Space Station. “Very cool!” I thought. But then I realized that “41” users meant it was just a 4-1 (April 1) prank from Google. Just for fun, here is a screenshot of what I saw:

Google April Fool's Day prank



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