Finding the strongest stocks and ETFs just got much easier…

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If you are an independent short-term investor or active swing trader looking for a quicker and easier way to find the strongest stocks and ETFs in the market every day, our brand-new MTG Stock Screener may be exactly what you have been searching for. Saving you hours of time in your nightly stock scanning research, the MTG Stock Screener allows you to scan the technical chart patterns of thousands of stocks and ETFs in the market and instantly receive a list of only the best stocks and ETFs.

For uptrending markets, our technical stock screener is preset to automatically spot the top Potential Breakouts and Pullbacks. In downtrending markets, there is even a preset scan to locate weak ETFs and stocks bouncing into technical resistance (short selling trade setups). The beauty of our new stock screener lies in its simplicity; there is no need to program or code anything because we have already done all that hard work for you. Furthermore, because the stock screener was developed with HTML5 technology, ETF and stock scans can be performed right in your web browser. There is nothing to download. Further, the stock screener is even compatible with iPad, Android, and other tablets and smartphones, making it easy to do your end-of-day technical stock scanning on the go.

As the MTG Stock Screener is currently in beta release, we are presently offering full complimentary access for all traders. To get started, we highly suggest you first watch our 5-minute intro video tutorial below (view full screen in HD for best quality):

After viewing the intro video above, launch the stock screener by clicking here. Please note that the latest version of your web browser is required because the stock screener is based on new HTML5 technology. Therefore, if the stock screener does not load for you, be sure to update your browser to the latest version. It is compatible with all major web browsers, but we recommend using Google Chrome for maximum speed.

As the stock screener is beta release software, please excuse and report any bugs to us. Also, be on the lookout for a plethora of automatic improvements and additional features in the coming days and weeks. After you have taken the MTG Stock Screener for a test drive, please drop us your feedback here on our blog, where you may also feel free to post any questions. Enjoy!

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