Exciting change to our premium services

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Since 2004, the MTG Stalk Sheet and Wagner Daily ETF and stock newsletter have been separate services, the former focused on individual stocks and the latter focused on ETFs. Initially, there were two reasons for the separate services. First, there was a limited number of ETFs available for trading back in 2004, compared to the approximately 1,000 ETFs that now trade on the US markets. Second, swing trading strategies of each service was different enough to warrant separate newsletters. However, in recent years, both newsletters have grown to become very similar in nature, both in actual trading strategy and in the approximate number of trade picks to select from (due to the small and mid-cap focus of the MTG Stalk Sheet).  Both newsletters have similar historical trade performance too. Because the two services have become so similar these ways, we have been receiving more and more feedback from subscribers, asking us to simplify our service by combining the two newsletters into one all-inclusive newsletter and incorporates both individual stocks and ETFs. We agree this is quite a logical decision to make.

Starting tonight, the MTG Stalk Sheet and Wagner Daily newsletters will be combined into one newsletter, which will continue to be named The Wagner Daily. The first and most important thing you should know is that we will continue to offer the same great individual stock and ETF picks, technical analysis, and commentary. Furthermore, stock picks will CONTINUE TO BE SEPARATED from the ETF picks, so that subscribers who exclusively trade one or the other may simply continue to do so. Overall, we are not eliminating anything from the format of either newsletter. We are simply making it much easier and less confusing for premium subscribers to follow our trade picks by having just one unified ETF and stock newsletter that provides the same content as the two separate letters previously did. Finally, there were only be one live trading room that encompasses both individual stocks and ETFs, so that you no longer have to toggle between windows to see the commentary of each trading room.


As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

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2 comments on “Exciting change to our premium services

  1. I just received my first copy of the new Wagner Daily. This consolidation of the ETF and Stock picks newsletters is an excellent change. The quick links makes pinpointing and revisiting specific areas a snap and I appreciate the ‘one stop shopping’ most of all. All the MTG info I count on in one concise area. This is the impetus I needed to up my subscription from Quarterly to the Full Year.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your feedback on the new format. Glad you like the way we have assembled everything and that you are finding it to be more efficient. Also great to hear you would like to upgrade to an annual subscription. We’ll take care of that for you and send you e-mail confirmation of the change.

      Just let us know if we can ever be of assistance in the future.



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